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              Founded in 1953 and reorganized into a company limited by shares in August 2016, Zhejiang Communications Construction Group Co., Ltd. (abbreviated as ZCCC) is a multinational contractor that mainly finances, invests in, designs, constructs, operates and maintains transportation infrastructure projects. ZCCC owns 25 subsidiaries, over 5,000 employees, more than 5000 sets of advanced construction equipment and testing apparatus. By now, ZCCC’s assets total over 2.1 billion USD and annual construction capacity nears 5 billion USD.
              ZCCC’s “going global” can be traced back to 1970s, when we aided Equatorial Guinea and constructed the 121km Nkue-Mongomo Road. In 2007, ZCCC accelerated the pace of internationalization. By now, we have contracted more than 30 projects in 11 countries across 4 continents, including Ethiopia, Zambia, Cameroon, Mongolia, Malaysia, Bolivia etc. Ten years’ effort builds ZCCC into a established brand with multiple honors. In 2016, we ranks 218th among the ENR Top 250 International Contractors.